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Danish Group Of Companies

Danish Group of Companies (DGC) started in 2016 with Al Mustafa Rice Mill. Gradually, they grew their business and started another company named “DANSIQ INTERNATIONAL”. This company provides Agriculture Export services

Danish Group of Companies trades in agricultural items. Other than trading, they also provide their services in the export of agricultural items. They export different agricultural items like wheat straw, rice, mustard straw, peanut straw and wheat. They combined all their services under Danish Group of Companies. Additionally, they also deal in local trading, stocking and manufacturing of machinery for the local agricultural items. Danish Group of Companies deals in real estate business as well. A company named “Premium Properties” provides the property dealing services.

In nutshell, Danish Group of Companies is a multi-dimensional services provider company which works in different fields like agriculture, real estate, export, trading, Education, E-Commerce Solution, Beverages or E-Energy System etc.

Danish group of companies timeline


Danish Group Of Companies started their business with company named Al Mustafa Rice Mills. This company handled buying and selling of rice.


After 1 years, they launched Danish & Co. This company provides the services for security camera installation, surveillance and solar panels installation. This company has a dedicated team for these services.


After the success of Danish & Co, they stepped in to the business of agricultural exports. They started a new company named Dagrosa Exports for this business. This company exports agricultural items like rice, wheat straw, mustard straw and many other items.


Now there were multiple companies being run, so the owners decided to merge these companies under a group called Danish Group Of Companies. They launched another company named Danish Enterprisers which deals with stocks, trading and to some extent trading of agricultural items locally.


Within the span of 1 year, Danish Group Of Companies expanded further and entered the property dealing field and vehicles business with two new companies. Premium Properties which handles the property dealing business and Premium Motors handles the buying and selling of vehicles.

DGC are not just building a business. We are crafting a legacy of prosperity and innovation for a thriving Pakistan. It’s a beacon of innovation and progress, illuminating the path towards a prosperous and self-sufficient Pakistan.

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