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Danish Group Of Companies

Danish Group of Companies (DGC) started in 2016 with Al Mustafa Rice Mill. Gradually, they grew their business and started another company named “DANSIQ INTERNATIONAL”. This company provides Agriculture Export services.

Danish Group of Companies trades in agricultural items. Other than trading, they also provide their services in the export of agricultural items. They export different agricultural items like wheat straw, rice, mustard straw, peanut straw and wheat. They combined all their services under Danish Group of Companies.

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companies working under the banner of danish group of companies..

Danish Enterprisers

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Premium Properties

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Danish & Co

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Dagrosa Exports

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Premium Motors

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CEO & Founder Of Danish Group Of Companies

When I startedmy business in 2016, it wasn’t really a smooth sailing for me. Inexperience caused a lot of struggle at the beginning. Business is something that has equal probability of profit and loss. You win some you lose some. I personally started of with failures in the business. But i didn’t give in. I didn’t quit the field and kept on learning with every passing day.

I carried that learning and experience forward and rectified my previous mistakes and now i am running my business successfully. Grit and determination always pays off. Now my sole mission is:



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